PPFAS Asset Management (PPFAS AMC) has been promoted by Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Ltd. (PPFAS Ltd.), a boutique investment advisory firm incorporated in 1992. PPFAS Ltd. is also amongst India’s earliest SEBI Registered Portfolio Management Service (PMS) providers.

Past performance of the sponsor, PPFAS Limited, has no bearing on the expected performance of our scheme.

Our Mission

To help clients achieve their long-term financial goals through prudent fund management.

Our beliefs

While many say that they focus on the long-term we go beyond mere words. We are guided by the ‘Law Of The Farm’ which states that everything takes its own time and hastening the process will be counterproductive. This is reflected in our relatively long holding periods.

We believe that investing should not be a complicated process. Hence we strive for simplicity in our scheme design, investing process and our operations. While investing involves individuals, we accord more importance to the investing process than to personalities.

We constantly remind ourselves that fund management is a profession rather than merely a business. Hence we never lose sight of our fiduciary duty to our clients.

We are also convinced that an educated investor is an empowered investor and we strive to bring about this empowerment through simple, yet effective communication.