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Where to keep my smartphone when I’m researching companies?

The longer version of this post’s title was supposed to be:

Where to keep my smartphone while researching companies – How I learned to stop worrying about my notifications & love my work.

Well, it was never meant to be perfect.

Now that I’ve lost your attention, let me bring it back to something much more important.

I’ve always wondered why people used the phrase ‘pay attention’. Why ‘pay’? Why not just ‘give’ attention. Certainly it conveys the same intent. I think it makes a lot of sense when we think of it as a metaphor. We are in a sense, literally paying with our mind’s cognitive capacity to focus on something when we are paying attention.

Building Insights, deliberately

“The only way to win is to work, work, work & hope to have a few insights.”
– Charlie Munger

Insights are incredibly rare. I know that this insight itself is going to be lost on many of us. It was certainly lost on me for a while. I follow 200+ people on twitter & if at least 10% of them share some unique reading material everyday, that means I need to read at least 20 new things, each day. Well, great way to learn about the world, but is it something that I want to learn, today?

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