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The art of Bad-vising

By Ankur Mahajan, [email protected]

“We’ve done a lot of stupid things but we’ve avoided a small subset of stupidity and that subset is important. It’s about avoiding the dumb things” – Warren Buffet

There have been a considerable number of arguments and an equal number of blogs and posts written about the plight of a retail investor. One of the prime subjects have been the many grounds where a typical investor conks out to make returns in the market. “Market makes returns, but the investor doesn’t” has become the slogan of the Aam Investor (on the lines of aam aadmi). And there have been umpteen reasons attached to the same. Some of them being getting carried away by greed and fear, investing after the bull run, redeeming during the bears, chasing fancies, investing without understanding, etc. While it is easy to blame the investor on the lines of an aam aadmi who pay taxes but abstains from voting, there is a compelling need to question the role of your advisor and his ability to avoid deviating from the fundamentals.

While we are sleeping

By Ankur Mahajan, [email protected]

“Thoda market ko stable hone do, phir invest karenge” , exclaims a potential investor being chased by every salesperson of a financial intermediary in these dampened markets. In hindsight, the salesperson is offering the sanest advice to invest especially when the markets are battered and bruised. However, the person who was thinking to invest has never run out of reasons for his preference towards real estate and gold over equities. His primary reason of abstaining from equities is waiting for the Indian markets to resuscitate. While equity Investor continue to sleep and invested heavily in gold and real estate, the markets are offering them umpteen hints to resume investing.

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